Friday, 28 June 2013


Years ago when I was a student, I had my eyes set on a beautiful fountainpen. With little collegefunds I started saving up a few pounds a week. A matt black Waterman fountainpen. For me, a huge amount of money, just for a pen. Just before writing my thesis I finally had enough money. It was at the time when an essay or thesis was still handwritten. And I had to pay someone to type it over, on a typewriter. But it was all written with this fountainpen. I thought I lost it, untill it suddenly reappeared a few months ago. Twenty years old, and in need of some repair. After some research on the internet I discovered that I owned a Waterman Maestro which was out of production a long time ago. But a little Penshop in Nijmegen in the Netherlands had just the part I needed. It's just a treat to write with this pen, it's nothing like a ballpoint, nothing like it at all! 

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