Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Seems that mail from Taiwan is always full of great stamps. Stamps are fab! They have a tendency to send happy colourfull mail. Maybe I  should put Taiwan on my bucketlist.

Snailmail from Nicolette

A full and happy mailbox today! Along with a lot of bills and advertisingmail I found a great mailsurprise! A snailmail packet from Nicolette. The first picture is what she send me today. I especially like the four leaf clover! Hope it will bring luck! A teabag from Malaysia and a stiched postcard. The letter is on Flow stationary, always cool paperstuff!

In the second picture is what she sent me the first time. I feel a purple stiched postcard theme coming up :-) I do like vintage photographs though, they ways make me smile. My daughter snitched the heart bracelet from me and decided that she would sleep with the knitted thing. SnailMail is fun!

Sunday, 28 July 2013


The envelope I received from Bianca yesterday was full of fun and creativity! Happy wrappingpaper, handmade envelopes and some craft material. I'm really pleased with my little crocheted garland of traditional dutch canalhouses. I'm gonna put that on the window of my studio (when it's ready).

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Postage stamps

Aren't these stamps just great! With traditional dutch costume from various regions. Like!

Happy Mailbox!

A happy mailbox today! Post from the Netherlands and from New Zealand. Great stamp on the dutch envelope, it says "real mail is so much nicer". I think it's a cool stamp!

Friday, 26 July 2013


After a lot of bills this week, which is also mail ofcourse (but not really cool mail), I also had two postcards from Finland and Ukraine. Ashamed I must admit that the Ukraine postcard is most probably one of the ugliest ones I have ever received, but I do like the postagestamp. The Finland card had mushrooms on it, that I like.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Feast package

Just because Mischa had great fun just unpacking my snailmail package with traditional clothing, she decided to make a feast package in return! And a feast it is! It's a crafted book, and really sturdy! She used good quality paper, which I always find great! My favourite page is the one with a white Holy Mary and the balloon! On every page a little present to compete the craft feast! A letter, a teabag, a little garland, a postcard from the city she lives in, a bookmark, a notebook, a sticker, a balloon and ofcourse confetti! What's a party without it! Love it, happy me :-)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Happy mailbox!

What a surprise today in my mailbox! A beautiful package! I'll share the contents later this weekend. And a postcard with a stork from Poland. Around here a lot of storks breed, eggs have already hatched. They breed on large poles, high in the sky. Usually a few stork sit on the lampposts around here, a pretty sight. Although they scare me a bit from up close, they're quite big! Folklore says they also bring babies. Wow, all this from a postcard!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Postcards and stamps

The backside of postcards I find really interesting. The postagestamps, the handwriting of someone and the little things people wish to share. A taiwanese girl who's been to Taipei (must look up where on earth that is) with a pretty little illustration on this side of the postcard. And she stamped her name in chinese. A pretty postagestamp aswell!
A girl from Germany who loves the summer where everything's beautiful, written in a funny round curly handwriting. From China some healthy advice to take time to relax because I'm a nurse. A little addition on the end:
P.S. today is raining, my trousers and shoes were all drenched :(


And off they go! Off to a dark place where they will be fondled and looked at, be stamped, put in an airplane or truck to be transported to hopefully someone nice. Was fun creating anyway.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Back of envelopes

Forgot to show the back of the envelopes!

Decorated envelopes

On two envelopes I decorated the outside like an old herbarium. I've bought a book the other day about medicinal plants that inspired me for this project. It's my first swap-bot.com attempt :-) Was quite satisfied with the outcome!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Keychain from buttons

A while ago I've bought a whole load of buttons from the secondhand shop. But what to do with it......suddenly it hit me! A keychain! Very easy to make and a lovely idea to send for a snailmail/package swap! All I have to do now is to decide which one I'm gonna use with my own keys!


I'm sending this of to the person from whom I received a snailmail last week. The envelopefolder, I love, is so easy to make. Good to storage some snailmail goodies. Last week I bought some stamps from the local departmentstore which were packaged in good quality cardboard. From this I've made some tags. Simple but a lovely gift idea.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Snailmail Postcardbook

I've made a postcard book full of goodies! And very easy to make! You just need envelopes, glue and a piece of cardboard. Cut off the envelope flap to create folders, glue only a small piece of the envelope together, and fold a piece of cardboard where you glue it all in. In this case I've cut some holes in it to tie it all together with a ribbon.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Postcards from around the world

This week I received postcards from all over the world! From Siberia a lovely sunny "be happy" beach, from Germany a picture of a palace in Andy Warhol style and a sweet plant postcard from Japan. From Taiwan an antique map card. Postcards written by a chemist, a man, a woman who lives in the city where Toyota's are build and a woman from former east Germany. I don't know these people, but we all love receiving postcards from around the world. It's a joy!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Snailmail, what is it?

Snailmail is a growing trend that basically involves sharing mail with little crafts. For everyone who loves making little or big things. And for everyone who loves mail, the old-fashioned way. The two combined gives snailmail. The point is to give real attention to whatever you want to make and send the recipient. It's for paperlovers, craftlovers, scrapbooklovers and maillovers.  It's not at all necessary to actually know that particular person. It's more important to share something you love making/doing. As long as it fits through the mailbox! It's not the same as mailart though, where as mailart consists of the actual mail being "the art", snailmail is for the art of crafting. The whole packet inside is "the art". It gives me a great opportunity to learn to share. If you feel inspired, please send me a message! Would be great to "share" internationally! By the way, this is picture is from a snailmail I have send off to someone, a homemade stamp, a notebook, some old postagestamps,a tag, etc.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Postcards on the go!

And a bunch of postcards are on the go! From Finland to Belarus, from Germany to Taiwan. And it was a great excuse to use my new stamps I bought last week. Stamps with a typewriter, a bike and a cloverleaf. And my new stack of stamps came to good use.


I just bought a lot of stamps before postalrates go up! 130 postcards to write! Or 70 postcards to the world or Europe.
Hmmm endless postal possibilities!

Postcard and snailmail

When I thought that there was no mail on monday, surprise! A snailmail packet and a postcard from Taiwan! The postcard has a lovely old cardboard feel to it, it's not shiny or something, but the print stands out great on that paper. You have to feel it to get it I suppose. A definite favourite on my postcrossing profile!
The snailmail packet was a bit, well, how do I put it, ehh, allright. Seems that crafting is not everyone's talent, but it's from a good heart, that's the important bit.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Teachers gift

When summerholiday's are almost near, I ordered a special teacher's gift from www.postpapierenzo.nl. some lovely small stamps, ink and a thank you postcard. Teachers always love putting a stamp on homework. A praise stamp as you like. Unfortunately I ordered only for the teachers and not for myself. A bit stupid in hindsight, the stamps are quite lovely.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

No mail on Sunday!

Because it's the mailman's day off, no mail on sunday. I received a packet though on saturday (yesterday) from one of my favourite webshops. A webshop full of paper, stamps, envelopes, and everything that makes me smile! www.postpapierenzo.nl
I'm a paperlover, just can't help myself.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

I won some postcards!

Just because I liked the Facebookpage of www.natuurlijkefoto.nl I received some free postcards! The webshop offers some wonderful nature postcards. I must say, the quality is surprisingly good! Vibrant colours and a lovely feel to it. I always find it important that a postcard doesn't feel flimsy, it has to have a solid feel. The webshop also offers some great dutch stamps! I must get some before postal rates go up :-)

Friday, 5 July 2013


This is what I've received yesterday. Such a sweet little packet via the Dream Make Share project. Some lovely labels, little crochetflowers and a tutorial to try it my self, and some sweet crafted envelopes.
Love the packet. It puts such a big grin on my face whilst opening the envelope. Like a birthday!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Surprise! mail!

Wow, Today, my mailbox was very happy indeed! I'll share the contents later. It has put a big big big smile on my face!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


I just love making some mail out of old pictures, scraps and whatever I can think of. As long as it fits through the mailbox. This snailmail was inspired from a book I got from a secondhand shop. A book about traditional clothing. Together with some scraps from old babyclothes, some lace, nice paper, glue and a sewing machine, it all came together, it turned out like a little folded museum. I made a stamp from a foam sheet, such a easy way to make stamps! And to finish it all, a handwritten letter to go with it.