Sunday, 21 July 2013

Feast package

Just because Mischa had great fun just unpacking my snailmail package with traditional clothing, she decided to make a feast package in return! And a feast it is! It's a crafted book, and really sturdy! She used good quality paper, which I always find great! My favourite page is the one with a white Holy Mary and the balloon! On every page a little present to compete the craft feast! A letter, a teabag, a little garland, a postcard from the city she lives in, a bookmark, a notebook, a sticker, a balloon and ofcourse confetti! What's a party without it! Love it, happy me :-)

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  1. Heb jij die ontvangen? Ik heb 'm op mijn pinterest bord staan omdat ik 'm zo mooi vind. Bofkont!


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