Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Snailmail, what is it?

Snailmail is a growing trend that basically involves sharing mail with little crafts. For everyone who loves making little or big things. And for everyone who loves mail, the old-fashioned way. The two combined gives snailmail. The point is to give real attention to whatever you want to make and send the recipient. It's for paperlovers, craftlovers, scrapbooklovers and maillovers.  It's not at all necessary to actually know that particular person. It's more important to share something you love making/doing. As long as it fits through the mailbox! It's not the same as mailart though, where as mailart consists of the actual mail being "the art", snailmail is for the art of crafting. The whole packet inside is "the art". It gives me a great opportunity to learn to share. If you feel inspired, please send me a message! Would be great to "share" internationally! By the way, this is picture is from a snailmail I have send off to someone, a homemade stamp, a notebook, some old postagestamps,a tag, etc.

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