Friday, 7 November 2014

Inspiration: Old photo albums

I found these old photo-albums and an ink plotter a while ago. These were all from the twenties and thirties I think. Not in the best condition but still beautiful! So strange to imagine that these albums once belonged to someone, were part of someone's history. And the journey they must have made to end up in my studio.
I bought them initially to do something crafty, but I still couldn't bring myself to use them yet. For now I just look at them occasionally and wonder about the people on the photographs, who they were and what they were doing. One album is from Hungary, from a family called Winkler Karoly. Which Google tells me is quite a common name in Budapest. The other is from an English family spending some time abroad, somewhere in Europe. So wonderful to get a glimpse of an era I've never been part of.


  1. I love old photos so much! I've gone through my old family photo albums over the last few months and have been scanning them so I can always have them, even if they get lost or if god forbid, we have a flood or fire. Looking at them takes me right back to a time long before I was born.


  2. Zo leuk oude foto's; ik kan me voorstellen dat je fantasie op hol slaat!!

  3. Oh wow, wat een leuke vondst!


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