Friday, 11 July 2014

Incoming: from Pedro the Penmaster

Pedro is a Mexican Penmaster in Copperplate and Spencarian style. Learning to write like that is something I would really like to learn, but probably far out of my reach. Since you need practice practice and practice. He wrote me this beautiful letter in this amazing handwriting. The detail on the envelope is gorgeous, even some gold dots on the letters. And sealed with a waxseal on the back (swoon!). The flourishing is really cool (the swirls and swings of the pen).  He also makes his own oblique penholders out of aluminium, how cool is that! I have to get my practice on now! In a serious kind of way!


  1. Dit is prachtig zeg!! Dit wil ik ook wel leren

    Grtjs Christel


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