Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Outgoing: Holy Mary part 2

After commenting on my Instagram account where I posted a picture on the Holy Mary mail, I've made another mail for Mirjam using the same theme. I had this chocolate box lying around that I once saved from the old paper bin because it was a perfect mailbox size. I pimped it with blue paper and washi tape. Included some goodies like prayer-cards and a rosary, made some stickers from my Holy Mary stamp and made a funky kitschy key-chain. I've made my own stationary with embossing powder. When I received my Versamark ink I just had to try that out! So cool that you can make a touchy feely kind of thing out of any stamp! It's a special kinda ink that you stamp with, when you sprinkle the embossing powder on top of it and shake it of again, it sticks to the ink. After that you heat the powder with a heating craft tool and it sort of melts and creates a texture. Think that's really cool!

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