Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Outgoing: Holy Mary part 1

It's not that I am deeply religious, but I was raised as a catholic. As a child I did my Holy Communion (as every child in our village) and was part of the church choir (although I was always the one at the back with my out of tune voice). I have good memories from that time, but now I am older I'm not a practising catholic anymore. I do still have a thing for catholic memorabilia though. I love rosaries and Holy Mary pictures and we always light a candle in front of the Holy Mary altar when visiting a church. The kids always light a candle for our deceased cats by the way. I got chatting to Tessa about this somewhere on the world wide web and I found some memorabilia from when we visited Kevelaer, a small pilgrimage town in Germany. It's one of the towns my late grandma used to visited and always returned with some kitschy catholic stuff (which I loved by the way!). I got really inspired and carved a Holy Mary stamp and found a matching postagestamp. So I stamped away and made stickers and a card and off it went to Tessa!


  1. Those are great! Love the stationery.

  2. Echt heel mooil! Ik hou ook erg van Maria - afbeeldingen, prachtige stempel!

  3. Het was echt een prachtige pakketje dat je me gestuurd hebt!


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