Thursday, 12 June 2014

Inspiration: Thrifting treasures

I just love a bit of thrifting, especially nice stuff I can use for mail, decoration for my studio or just because I think it's lovely. On Kingsday (I still have to get used to it being called that instead of Queensday) I found this vintage tin full of vintage letters. I was seeing these letters popping up everywhere on blogs and Instagram, but they were all really newish. Never had I seen a vintage one, until I stumbled across it on the Kingsday market. Yay!

How about these thrifted posh handkerchiefs that were once bought in Austria as a posh souvenir, but never been used though. I do have a thing for vintage handkerchiefs, especially when they are embroidered and in a box. God knows why, but I really love this stuff.

Normally I go to thriftshops for some treasure hunting, but this time I went to a flea market they call a free market. Well, it wasn't free, I had to pay some Euro's to get in, and once there I was really disappointed. Even thriftshops have better stuff, and of better quality and prices were ridiculous. I did buy this vintage toy car though, just because it is colourful, but the woman charged me a ridiculous price for it. 5 Euro, which I managed to negotiate to 4,50 with great difficulty. A small book, just because I liked the cover and the typo and some postagemark stamps! A great addition to my collection!

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  1. Deze letters zijn echt de mooiste die ik heb gezien! Ze zijn prachtig!


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