Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Outgoing: Coming home

A while ago I found this gorgeous old book in a thriftstore. The inside was nothing really special, but the cover I really loved! The pages were slowly beautifully turning yellowish. There was also a chapter about moving plans, and how appropriate would that be for someone who is moving house! I decided on a bit of embroidery on paper and ended up with this tree growing out of a house. It turned out really wel! Maybe in the end I should have used a different colour but somehow I quite liked it like this, a subtle pink on the pages.
I've carved a stamp out of a rubber eraser (that was done before I did the stampcarving class by the way). I've made stationary with it and stamped away on the envelope and wrapping paper and included the stamp as a little gift. I also included a vintage moving address card! It's from the fifties or sixties I think, I'm not really sure to be exact.


  1. wat een leuk verhuis pakketje zo!

  2. I love book art with images or quotes. I always think it would be fun to display some of these in a frame. The other thing thats great about text paper (like newspapers) is using them as wrapping paper especially in a foreign language.


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