Sunday, 8 June 2014

Incoming: Beauty from Poland

When I opened the envelope that arrived in my mailbox, I was really happily surprised! I didn't expect this inside, a careful and beautiful wrapped parcel from Ania. I knew I had to contain myself from just not opening this right away. I felt this needed good light and careful attention (does that sound weird? I always feel if someone really makes an effort, I feel like really making an effort in carefully unfolding the parcel).
The next day (after almost jumping up and down from excitement) I had peace and quiet and started to carefully unwrap the bear wrapping. Inside was this book tied together with ribbon. Yet again really beautiful. I could feel the attention to detail that was put in it. It turned out to be a folding book, like a harmonica. So it could be read on both sides. It was a penpal book to get to now a bit about Ania (I made one for her over here). And it was all so lovely put together, the photos don't even do justice to it all. Well it's a book that had to be experienced and felt, not to be photographed I guess. And I really felt it. It was so amazing that I cried a little while reading her letter. Just because I could feel the attention and honesty inside this, all the way from Poland.
It is so dear to me, that I have put it inside my glass cabinet, just to look at. I just don't want to take anything out it. It's just so in tune with itself. Pure beauty.

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  1. Wow, this is so beautiful! I love all the details she put into her parcel.


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