Friday, 25 July 2014

Outgoing: to Alice

A while ago I received this beautiful vintage package from Alice. This is what I have sent her for my part of our vintage swap. I wrapped everything in small paper bags. I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to use some of my collection of sanitary towel bags. I love these bags, everytime I'm visiting a toilet I have a look at the sanitary towel bags. Call me crazy, and maybe I am a bit, me sitting on a toilet and admiring the sanitary towel bags, but these bags are made of a sort of sturdy vellum you can only find in a sanitary towel bag. Ehh, well, I'm drifting off the subject now.
I've made a collection of lace and ribbon with a blue feel to it. I've parted with part of my collection of cardboard bobbins (and that was a hard thing to do). The brassiere used to belong to my grandma, that's a true story! She gave it to me maybe about twenty years ago or something, I think it's from the sixties or seventies and still in perfect condition. It's just not my size though unfortunately. And it matches great with the sixties of seventies dressing gown I found on a thrifting hunt! My other grandma was definitely a grandma that was wearing that kind of synthetic stuff. Also included some vintage stationary and postcards (not on picture). I love vintage stationary, just can't get enough of that! I also included a set of porcelain dolls arms. And the first time I could use my waxseal! I'm really glad Alice liked it all, since I got a bit insecure with all her cool vintage stuff she finds at fleamarkets.

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