Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bird snailmail

I've made this bird themed snailmail for Mischa. She sent me such a great party snailmail I decided that I made a snailmail full of surprises. I found a book with old drawings of birds at the secondhand shop and found some feathers which inspired me.

As a fun extra I've made this little 3D frame in postcardsize. It says: everyone can do it. I've made a sort of surpise fold out folder with bird themed papergoodies. When you fold it open you find two flaps closed by pin and tag. When you fold that open you find yet two more flaps that contain surpises! And in the middle a sort of bird treasure. The bird themed goodies: a letter ofcourse, two postcards, 4 vintage birdpictures, bird postagestamps, feathers, a garland, a little chick that stands upright and two tags. And the little frame ofcourse. On the postcards i've embroidered birds in a contrasting colour. Think they've come out beautiful! The little birdygarland made of red felt and some shiny red beads. Also a vintage card which says: a bird.


  1. Oeh, dat is ook een hele leuk snail mail zeg!!!!

  2. I would love to be your penal! This is an inspiration to me!


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