Friday, 30 August 2013

Real sweet!

This summer we looked after two cute guinea pigs from Marieke. The kids just loved having them around. Two cuddly little creatures! Marieke and her boyfriend decided that guinea pigs were just not the right pets for them, and decided to go for a posh grey pussycat. So she sent a funky envelope with a message.....

in this funky envelope a funky card that said: real sweet! In the card a message: the guinea pigs needed a new home, and the kids were overexcited that that new home was here, with us! Real sweet!

So we decided to sent some mail back to Marieke. A while ago my daughter made her own postcard, how cool is that! On the other postcard it says: you deserve a big hug! Well, since the kids are overjoyed with the cuddly guinea pigs, that deserves a hug I think. This is what my daughter wrote (it's in dutch by the way).

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