Friday, 16 August 2013

Vintage snailmail

For Bianca I've made a vintage button snailmail. She had sent me such a great snailmail, I wanted to make a bit of a effort for her. I found a bunch of old fashioned buttons and some sepia pictures to make this mail. When it was finished I put it all together in an envelope folder.

The envelope folder contained ofcourse a letter, 2 postcards, a little notebook in an envelope, some tags, a few wrapped buttons, and a keychain i've made from buttons and some beads. I went crazy on my sewingmachine to make two vintage style postcards. The colours of the buttons matched the picture! My postcard stamp also came in handy. I stained some paper from a dictionary with tea. Just to try if it would make a vintage look. Well, a bit. I've sewed an envelope from the paper and put some stamps on it. Inside a little notebook in the same theme. Hope Bianca likes it all.

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