Friday, 30 August 2013


The final envelope from my Swapbot adventure arrived. Not quite sure if I will enter another Swapbot swapthing though. There is this special lingo I don't quite grasp. I have seemed to understand everything wrong, even after three years in the UK and a college degree. Well anyway, after I ticked the box I never received my mail, I got a curious respond. I should have asked for a resend instead of ticking the box. And even more curious is, the date I ticked that boxthing was just a few weeks ago, and turned out the envelope was already turned back to sender at that time........ US postoffice uses cool stamps though to make that quite clear! Postage rate was also curious to me. Did the sender really think local rates applied in sending an envelope to the Netherlands from the US? Well, it's all a mystery to me. But then again, now I received two envelopes, since she has put her returned envelope just in another envelope. Even more mail this way :-)

Inside the envelope: two Hello Kitty playing cards, a used stamp, a tiny picture and two post-it papers.


  1. Hello Mme nosenose.
    What´s your swap-bot profile link?
    Mine is
    Have a great mail day! :D

    1. This is my swapbot profile:
      Although I'm not really a swapbot kind of person i think


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