Friday, 30 August 2013

Snailmail from Marja

This week I have received a snailmail from Marja. She has fab handwriting! Turns out she's a teacher, and she teaches Dutch! She also collects stamps, and I really like the stamps on the envelope she sent me.

The envelope was full of paperbeauty! A handmade postcard which I found really cool. Some craft paper, a little pink envelope with a baroque woman on a little card and a baroque sticker. Really cute! A piece of happy wrapping paper, a handmade card with a dutch poem, an envelope with some sticky notes, some nice pictures, a Russian saying and a crocheted red flower. I feel really spoiled! It felt like a surpise party to find all this in the envelope!


  1. Wow cool one! I suck in snailmailing because of my lack of time.. :/
    But i love writing letters anyway! the reading, writing, and sending! loveeely!!! :) will send some letters soon again ! Love your blog!


    1. Thank you Melissa! Great you like my blog! If you do ever have the time for snailmail, feel free to contact me! Love Franka


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