Wednesday, 25 September 2013


It was my husbands birthday yesterday, and a few cards came his way. A real ugly one (drawn football shoes), a funny one (picture taken at a funny moment at work) and a real pretty one (from me and the kids). Birthday cards always tend to appear on our piano for some reason. Our piano who is very very out of tune, but we sort of got used to it just being there and never being used anymore. Well we use it to stack toys that are in the way and for birthdaycards. And for our vintage recordplayer which we still use when we are in a vintage mood! We still own lots of albums from our teens we never got rid off. Just because the feeling of vinyl is so much better than a glossy cd. And the feeling of putting a record on it, turn back the arm thing and the record starts spinning, and then at the right moment and the right place you have to put the needle on the spinning record, and then you sigh from relief when you managed it without a scratch on the record. Well, that feeling.

I really like this card, the intricate cutting of the paper, I would never manage that with a pen knife, I wish I could though. I would make such great and wonderful papercutting pictures, but I'm a bit to impatient for that though. My husband thought it was a cool card anyway. And that's why I love him, he appreciates I got it specifically for him and likes the picture. Since my husband is not to keen on celebrating his birthday we went out to town! Since we live in a small village in the countryside we've been to shops we never seem to have in our neighbor towns. And I got some craft stuff for myself! Also a real cutting knife, still dreaming that one day I will make something like that card. Untill now I always used an old scalpel from my old job in the hospital, sharp as hell, but very wobbly. Time to use a "real" one. Hopefully it will work.

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