Thursday, 19 September 2013

Mail from Andi (the snailmail collective)

Mail from Andi arrived! Andi was my partner from the snailmail collective in august. Check out these amazing hawaii stamps! Love them!

Inside the envelope a perfectly wrapped package. And hardly no wrinkles from the trip overseas! Unwrapping is still exciting! Just like a birthday! Well sort of the exciting feeling you get when you don't know what's inside. Inside: a photocollage of surroundings from Andis life, stationary, a card (with beautiful handwriting), a heart shaped pebble from the beach, post it notes, chocolate (!), a Hawaiian stamp and a bookmark. She also send me the story of andis people (not on picture). I love this pebble! My imagination is running overtime with this! She probably found it somewhere on or near a beach. Maybe she found it and thought of this snailmail thing, or maybe it was lying on her desk for ages and suddenly it hit her, this was the right thing to send! Although my daughter has set her eyes in this pebble, I'm gonna keep it for myself! I'm going to put it on a shelf in my studio (when it's ready that is). And how cool is this! My own stationary!

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