Sunday, 22 September 2013

Snailmail from Belgique

Another snailmail from Inge all the way from Belgique!

Inside the envelope a bag. Check out the washi tape! Like! Inside this pretty bag another surprise, a folder which contains the actual mail. An autumn feel is what Inge wanted to send me. A postcard, a handmade card with a butterfly, a tiny bag with sparkles in it, three small opaque bags with a cool tag/label, postage stamps and a butterfly card, and a page from a colouring book. I really appreciate the effort she put in to this. She clearly had some sort of plan. It looks attractive and its all stuff I can use for my picture diary/notebook! A funky happy sort of vintage style card in a kraft envelope! Would be almost a shame to send to someone! Rather keep it myself. Well, I could always send it to myself :-)

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