Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Snailmail Collective

Last week my snailmail to Andi went on it's way. Hopefully it will arrive some time soon.
It's an initiative from the blog
You sign up at for a month and get assigned a partner which whom you have some email contact before making your package. Each month has a theme, in august it was "under the sea". Well, I've used a bit of creative freedom, but can't reveal yet what I've made......
I was signed up with Andi from She designs her own stationary, how cool is that! Well, she's also a yoga teacher, teacher and aquarobic teacher and mum of three kids! A busy lady!
Wow! My mail arrived! I've made Andi a sort of vintage beach theme snailmail. She likes the beach and vintagepostcards! She also let me read a personal story she wrote. With al that in mind and a lot if places I've been to this summer, this mail just sort of happened. I actually made her a sort of vintage summer story. Trouble is, I'm better at pictures than I am with words :-) Well anyhow, I've made a picturebook. So this is what I've sent! This is what was inside the book: quite a lot! Several postcards, vintage traintickets, stickers, a little garland of the dutch flag, seaweed and seashells I've collected with the kids, a shell on a necklace, a little notebook and tiny pencils, and a typical dutch souvenir! This is a page from the story I've written for Andi. All the stuff I've put in this mail I've mentioned in this story.


  1. Franka, what an absolute thrill it was to receive your colorful and creative snailmail! You really picked up correctly how much I LOVE the beach! I love the little red car which reminds me of my first car -- a red VW bug! I am enjoying popping in and reading your blog about your day-to-day adventures in the Netherlands! I hope you receive your package from me soon! xo

  2. Thank you Andi for you nice comments!

  3. Ik kan maar niet stoppen met lezen op jouw blog...!
    Wat een fantastische snailmailer ben jij!


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