Friday, 11 April 2014

Incoming: Cadet Nurse

This lovely wrapped mail arrived from Mirjam! A Cadet Nurse card which I really like! No love! vintage nursing items rule! (Well for me anyway, since I am a nurse.)
Some sticky notes and a really cool handmade magnet bij MIM! It says: "give yourself some time to take it easy", good quote to remember! Working mums and taking it easy, that's like a thing that will never bound to happen some time soon, but always good to remember myself!
I'm loving long letters lately and this is a long lovely letter on handmade stationary! Love it how other people write about daily stuff and ponderings. No high brow literature, just happy rambling! There was also this vintage wool cart inside, I might start a little collection on these vintage cards (in vintage times for mending socks)! I seem to be collecting these by accident! This one from Mirjam, but I have also received one from Marloes! I have found some more while thrifting, I think they would look really good in a frame. I'm gonna put that on my to do list for my studio!

A note to all my penpals: I'm a slow responder lately since I'm almost finishing my studio! Working hard at it! Please be patient if you are waiting for my letter, can't do everything at the same time but getting there (slowly)!!!

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