Monday, 14 April 2014

Outgoing: thrifting swap part 1

As I was sharing some of my thrifting treasures on Instagram (I love Instagram!) Maliea commented on some stuff and that's how we came to do a thrifting swap! I was really into it! What a good excuse to start some thrifting! I always love a good thrifting hunt, especially when you find some real cool treasures for almost nothing! Some stuff was in need of some cleaning though, but after cleaning and polishing, some stuff was so beautiful it needed some wrapping! I wrapped everything in Kraftpaper and used my Flow Magazine floral labels I received over here. I stuffed my package to the max after I realised that shipping was quite expensive. It would be such a waste to pay for empty space inside my package! So I made good use of the package.
After everything was securely wrapped my son and I went of to the post-office with the parcel tied to his bike. He was really feeling like a little postman! But after we arrived at the post-office, it was closed. What a bummer! So we cycled back and had to take the car to the next village to post it of to the USA. After this little postal adventure the package was off to the States!

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  1. Ja hoor... Laat ons maar heul nieuwsgierig wachten...


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