Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Outgoing: Thrifting swap part 2

This was all inside the package of the thrifting swap I send! I labelled everything by era (or at least I tried to), thought that would be quite a cool thing to do. So here we go!
A magazine from 1938 in good condition!

A vintage travelcase. It was missing some pieces and it was in need of a desperate clean, but it came out really shiny! I thrifted some embroidered handkerchiefs to fit inside the case.

A fifties style small vase for just the one flower. Also in need of good clean, but also very shiny in the end! Also a book with songs for children from 1958.


Some pins from the sixties. I really don't know what you were supposed to do with them, I remember us having some at home as well when I was young. You could collect them or something. But I really love the typo on it! The vintage lettering and feel to it.
A really small bottle of 4711. That's the smell of my late grandmother! It brings me back that smell! I sprinkled the travel case with this!

A vintage fairytale cardgame in good condition! 
A sort of a measuring device thing in a leather case, but I thought it would be really good for pencils (also thrifted!). 
Some vintage car items! I totally love these in original packaging as well. I've unpacked the keychain to show in the picture but it's from the same car collection.

A small Dutch tin. (I love tins and since it was Dutch I had to send it!)
Small porcelain animals, since Maliea loved everything miniature. My daughter picked these.
A book of flowers and plants at the waterside with lovely illustrations.
A bunch of vintage postcards!

Some plastic dolls heads. They might be eighties though, I'm not sure really.
A book with beautiful illustrations of birds! A heavy book which took up half the weight of my parcel!


  1. I here came from Pinterest:) That's quite an unusal and cool swap! My favorite is the book about the birds! May I ask who the illustrator is?

    Love from Germany,

    1. I don't really know who the author is to be honest, but the illustrations are lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  2. Wat een prachtige dingen heb je gevonden! Vooral die vintage travelcase is echt geweldig!

    1. ja he! Heb er eigenlijk een beetje spijt van dat ik het niet zelf heb gehouden :-) Nog heel even geduld Tessa voor je brief, ik ben mijn atelier aan het inrichten (ook leuk! Ik kom weer van alles tegen!), zo gauw ik op orde ben ga ik weer aan de post!

  3. Thank your time! Het is niet voor niets snailmail ;)


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