Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Incoming: Chinese envelopes

My partner whom I was sending my "Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt" parcel to was Fangni. She was really happy with what I had sent her (Yay!). On Instagram we sort of talked about Chinese new years envelopes which I found really beautiful! Her mum had been to Shanghai and brought some back to Ibiza where she lives and she spoiled me with these beauties! What a surprise! She also written a letter trying to explain the meaning of various symbols. And OMG! The Chinese language is so difficult!
She had sent me a red papercut and explained about the one she had sent me.
This is a quote from Fangni explaining about the papercut: "During Chinese new year you can see doors decorated with red papercut paper with beautiful designs. The one I've sent you is one that has 'fu' on it. Fu is an Chinese word that means good luck and is often seen upside down. Upside down in Chinese reads as 'dáo'. this way, during Chinese new year when it's put on doors upside down, it means that good luck has arrived (which is the meaning of 'dáo')."
That is something I didn't know! so besides these beautiful envelopes I've learned something aswell!


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