Monday, 31 March 2014

Incoming: #SecretPenpalScavengerHunt2014

As I was taking out the groceries from my car, the delivery man pulled up. I remember thinking that I didn't order anything, but still he came up to me and handed me a really big and colourful envelope while I was holding two bags full of groceries. Unfortunately it was that time of the day that I didn't have good lighting anymore, the kids almost out of school and then the hectic time starts over here! And mail is to be opened in peace, with a cup of coffee and my camera ready to take pictures. So I did manage to wait to the next morning to open it up. And damn I was so curious who the sender was! It was from the UK as I could tell by these lovely stamps, but I didn't have a penpal in the UK so even more curious now! 

So the next morning, with my cup of coffee and camera in hand, I carefully opened the envelope to discover it was my Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2014!!!!!!!! To cut a long story short, I had send my parcel to Fangni a couple of months ago, but the person who was supposed to send me something turned out to be a flaker (this was not Fangni by the way who is lovely, but someone I don't know). I really hate people like that, they sign up for a swap, but only intend to receive something and not send anything. Grrrrr. Fab who organised the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt, decided to find me an angel. An angel who would send something in case of a cheater. And she did! My angel turned out to be Samrana! And OMG I was lucky with my angel!

Six small packages all carefully wrapped in purple tissuepaper! Samrana read on my blog my love for wrapping in tissue paper and she decided to do that for me! A good choice I might say so!

The Mail kit
Lovely colourfull postcards and very fancy ribbon. She made her own stationary with a sea theme and some stamps on a Dutch-English dictionary (a nice little touch I thought).

Something made of fabric
A really beautiful fan. Samrana came across this fan somewhere and it reminded her of her childhood. I really love these colours!

Something to read
A dictionary style fact book about mail. This is so lovely! She used a moleskin envelope book which is full of fun facts about mail. I decided to post every page since it's so cool!

Something tradional
Sending postcards is traditional, and especially these ones with the English mailbox, bus and phone booth! Samrana made these herself.

Happy day kit
This is definitely for a happy day or when you are in need of a happy day! I can tear of a little note to cheer myself up a little and make a colourful bunting for myself!

A gift
This gift is so lovely! It's a vintage style pocket mirror! The colours are just so bright and sparkly! I could not get it right on the picture though all this sparkle! So this picture does not do justice to the beauty of it. It is really beautiful!

Luckily Samrana hates cheaters, just like me! So please if you decide to commit yourself to a swap, commit to doing it then! (this message is meant for my cheater :-)


  1. Prachtig! Post om heel gelukkig van te worden.

  2. OMG! Wat een superleuke, mooie en thoughtfull verrassing alsnog. Echt leuk voor je!

  3. It's always such a relief when firstly packages arrive and so quickly might I add as I'd only posted it on the Friday and you had it already the following week. Secondly when the person receiving it appreciates and likes everything, it makes it all worth while. Continue to have fun swapping :D

    1. Ofcourse I liked it all! you have put so much effort in it! I'm going to reply to you soon!

  4. Nothing worse when people sign up to get free stuff, I've had it happen to me before, I kept emailing etc. even had their blog and nothing! The parcel you got in the end is beautiful!


    1. I totally agree! Nothing worse than flakers! But then again, I would never have received this beautiful package from my SPSH angel!


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