Friday, 14 March 2014

Inspiration: Really grown up business cards

As a really grown up person, I decided I needed my own business card. I got lots of inspiration of the simple forties (or fifties, I don't know really) style from the vintage business cards I found a while back. I blogged about them here. The really simple style of the one with "Madame Cartuyvels" on it was my favourite. And since I am Madame Nosenose I thought I try something similar. So I googled a bit and came on the site of Vistaprint. I didn't want a custom design, I wanted my own design! And that's where I found I could do just that. So I designed away and spent whole evenings just doing that until I was satisfied.

And this is how they turned out in the end! I'm really happy with them! I'm totally grown up now, since I now own businesscards.
But now I want postcards aswell with the photo of Madame Nosenose, that will be a future project.

 The back of the cards.


  1. Mooi! Indeed very grown up ;-) (Ik gebruik ook vaak Vistaprint, ook voor mijn postkaarten. Zolang je geen randjes om je ontwerp maakt wordt het vaak prima uitgevoerd.)

  2. Ze zijn super mooi, prachtig vintage lettertype, stijlvol en grown-up ;-)

  3. Prachtige visitekaartjes heb je gemaakt!


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