Monday, 10 March 2014

Incoming: felt like I won!

A wonderful package inside my mailbox! I loved the envelope which was closed with a tie ribbon. And lovely label stickers on the envelope! I do have a secret crush on vintage tickets. The mailman decided to stamp these stickers as well, just to be sure I guess. Curious who had sent it to me!

What a great stamp! And so true! There really did arrive a little bit of happiness!

Turns out this wonderful envie came from Marloes. And it represents all the things I love about paper: Kraft paper, tie ribbon envelopes, washi tape, vintage style stickers and tickets. So what was inside?

Well this! A curious plastic sleeve covered with wonderful washi tape! Turns out Marloes thought about how to share washi tape that can be reused, and this was a really good way to share washi tape!

And all this was inside the plastic sleeve: handcrafted paper and glassine paper bags.

In her letter Marloes wrote that she had won mail related things on the blog of the Postfabriek (postalfactory), but she had won so much, she decided to share it with me. And now I felt like I won too! Thank you Marloes for making my day! (I never ever win something, but now I did a little). How beautiful all this paper stuff is! It's all to my taste, vintage style.

And as a special treat this beautiful vintage thread thing, in dutch it's called "stopwol", I don't know what the translation is for that. But check google for stopwol and you will find really nice collections! I'm sort of building up a collection of these by accident, I think I might frame them!


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