Friday, 7 March 2014

Incoming: mythical book

This lovely mail arrived from Marja! And it was such an original mail! A letter on lovely Flow Magazine stationary from the book of paperlovers. But also a small parcel wrapped in tissue paper. I do have a weakness for tissuepaper. There is something about it, it's light weight, lovely colours and can only be used once. It gives the something you are wrapping a sort of precious feel. Like it's really exclusive or something! And I love the rustling sound of tissue paper!

Inside the parcel was a book and some more goodies. A handmade book about mythical figures! Marja based it on a collection of Belgian stamps. I think it's really awesome! I really appreciate the amount of attention and effort that has gone into it, and I learned something aswell. I never heard of harpy eagles for instance.

But aside from this lovely book was even more! Marja always sends me a really nice poem which she writes onto a handmade postcard. But still there was more! Small packages with small titles. In the extinct one was a small dinosaur. In the wild one were some nice small pictures of a tiger and a rhinoceros (not in the picture, I forgot!). In the lovely one a really small flamingo and in the shiny red one some wooden embellishment in the shape of a bird and a butterfly.

Aren't these small animals sweet? They made me smile!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Dat is echt belachelijk mooi, genieten zeg!


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