Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Inspiration: Catholic illustriation from 1935

While thrifting I found these big and heavy books tucked away in a corner. I fell in love. Immediately. Love on first sight. They were bound magazines from the thirties! And in good shape aswell! The oldest was from 1935 and ranging to 1938 or something. It's a magazine called: Catholic illustration and it was issued weekly. It is full with news, articles and advertising. Even some royalty and celebrity news, sports and the latest fashion. But those vintage advertising! I adore those! I also thrifted a bottle of eau de cologne and I found some advertising of the same eau de cologne!


  1. Jaah, nice! Ik heb hier zo'n zelfde iets maar dan van oude Libelle's, prachtig!

  2. Wat een geweldige vonst!

  3. Heerlijk een reis terug in de tijd, wat een mooi vondst! En dat Eau de cologne flesje, geweldig :-)


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