Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Outgoing: a penpal book to Poland

Sometimes you will find people in the digital world, from whom you might think that would be such a great person. Well Ania is that kind of person. She has such a simple style and a calming view on things which I secretly admire. We don't know much about each other, so I decided to make her a penpal book. A book to sort of introduce me to her. It really was the first time that everything was so personal, but it really represented me.
I've used a book of hand crafted paper which I altered a little. On every page I used something that represents me or is like me. Each page turned out quite different. I decided to share it with you, although it's really personal, so you the reader can also learn a bit more about me.


  1. Ik ben heel jaloers op Ania! (Maar het is haar gegund hoor ;-)) Wat heb je dat mooi en liefdevol gemaakt...!


  2. Wat een bijzonder boekje! Leuk om te lezen over je artistieke achtergrond. En wat een mooie tekeningen van planten en letters!

  3. My dear Franka I admire every little sighn of you in this book:) I'm happy I received so beautiful and personal letter!

  4. Ooooh, this booklet you put together for her is so nice!!


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