Friday, 28 March 2014

Outgoing: birds

Sometimes I just start to draw. This was my first ever owl by the way. He looks a bit bad ass though. First I wanted to give him some sunglasses, but in the end I decided against that idea. This is a picture from when I first finished it with some stuff lying around on my table.
I've made my own stationary with some stamps and wrote a lengthy letter of six pages I think! I've mailed this off to Teneille and included some small gifts for her children.
The gift was: magic towels! Just a small lightweight package, but when you leave them for several hours in the water, they expand into really soft washing towels! My kids love these, they never use them to wash by the way, they use them as tiny blankets for their dolls and cars. Yes, in our house even cars get tucked in by little blankets!
I've wrapped everything in tissue paper, just because unwrapping is so much fun, but also because it keeps it safe while travelling across the globe.


  1. Prachtige de uil tekening!! Ik ben gek op alle vogels maar de uil is mijn favoriet :-)

  2. Oh dit is echt weer zo mooi! Dat briefpapier ook!


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