Sunday, 9 March 2014

Incoming: colourful spring and a good disorder

It's such a beautiful day today! And a perfect time to show this colourful incoming mail from Bianca! It all reminds me of a colourful springtime where the flowers bloom, birds are nesting and the bees are buzzing. Foam frogs, ribbons and flowers, colourful tags and a wooden nesting box hanger thing with some small wooden birds. It's all flat so perfect for mail! Don't you just feel like going outside and work in the garden after seeing this?
I guess Bianca is suffering from the same disorder as I'm suffering from: evaluating everything you see and figuring out if it will fit inside a mailbox. It's a good disorder though, it means that while evaluating the item, you also think of sending it to someone. And that implicates sharing.
I'm kinda curious now, do all snail mail lovers out there suffer from the same disorder as I do?

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