Thursday, 15 May 2014

Incoming: Thrifting swap part 3

Remember that thrifting swap from over here? This is what Maliea sent me as a part 1 of her swap (she decided on sending it in two parts, that would give her more time for thrifing hunting!). Inside this small box the postman handed to me were these wrapped beauties. Wrapped in tissuepaper, which I love, yes I do love tissuepaper! A small note and three tissuepaper wrapped items.

I saved some of the tissuepaper. It's vintage tissuepaper since it is from the seventies and turned out to be from Maliea's gran!

Inside the first tissuepaper wrapped parcels was a stack of old books.Three American childrenbooks and a fifties cooking book. That one was my favourite I think! One book still had a library ticket inside! Inside the cookbook there were some more hidden treasures, some ephemera! How do I love ephemera.

The other small item was a bit heavy! on top of it was a small brooch of a little dog (like the one Maliea owns herself). Inside were two bronze or brass piggies.

And the last item were some vintage handkerchiefs and a sort of seventies collar (the bottom one). So now I have to think of a cool project to use the books and hankies for!

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