Thursday, 29 May 2014

Incoming: Ephemera swap from Michelle

As I posted a couple of days ago what I have sent to Michelle, this is what I have received from Michelle a couple of weeks ago! A small simple box with lots of gorgeousness inside! Total beauty! There was this small package inside wrapped in tissuepaper (I love tissuepaper as you may know). Underneath was a bunch of glassine envelopes. My excitement was overflowing at that moment when I saw Dennison labels shining through! I might have jumped a little happy jump!
Inside the tissuepaper came some more happy jumping things. Two hands! I LOVE THEM!!!!! How amazing are those! Just totally! I have had them on my desk for a while, just to look at. But now I have put them on a shelf in my little cabinet on my desk where they look good too! They are called "Santos hands" and they look good just anywhere where I might put them. I feel really spoiled!
In the see through envelope are vintage Dennison linen tags. They were use for pricing clothes and linen in the olden days. Very special!
It's a total beauty, just everything. Can't wait tot start journalling again to use it all!

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