Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Inspiration: A peek inside my studio

I thought I give you a small peek into my studio. It's sort of almost finished now. So I'll show you the finished part of it. I case you are wondering what all the fuss is about, let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time there was this artist that became a nurse. Yes, she did go to art school and graduated nicely. And yes she did go to nursing school and became a RN. After several years of dating and living together the artist that became a nurse and her boyfriend decided to be really grown up and buy a real grown up house. But (there was a but of course), the house had to have room for a studio. They found this really old house which was in a bad state and it had a workroom (or shed as some might have called it) at the back of the house. But she didn't see a shed thing, she saw a potential studio! But then life became really busy, because while doing up the old house (which turned out to be a very fertile house), two kids decided to join the fun. And that room at the back of the house turned into a sort of shed again, full of sawdust, metal splinters and a home to a family of spiders and even some mice. So the artist that became a nurse ended up being a bit crafty in the computer room. But then boyfriend decided that enough was enough. The computer was nowhere to be found in that computer room at that time, as was the floor or the table for that matter. Everything was hidden underneath books or bags or thrifting finds. There was no crafty space left at the computerdesk. So he gave her a bucket and plaster and send her on her way. So she plastered the walls, sanded down the ceiling, rewired the electrics while boyfriend installed a really good heater. Ordered a new door, one without holes and gaps in it and with a great window to let in lots of light. Boyfriend isolated the floor so even feet wouldn't be cold anymore. And after all that (six months or so later, maybe longer) it was time to decide on the fun bits! How to decorate that studio!

And this is what it sort of looks like now. So come have a look inside my studio!


  1. Wow, what a great story and what a beautiful craft room! I only have a little piece of the attic to craft, but still dream of a room (shed) like you have. I am sure you will sit there sometimes and do nothing but enjoy looking around....

  2. Wat een leuk sprookje. ...met een gelukkig einde:-) Een prachtige studio, daar gaan vast hele mooie dingen gemaakt worden!!

  3. Wow, dat ziet er prachtig uit! Geniet er van!

  4. Proficiat! Met de IKEA versie van de apotheek kast.
    Geniet ervan en veel inspiratie gewenst.


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