Monday, 26 May 2014

Outgoing: ephemera swap to Michelle

Since I have discovered the world of Instagram, I have been meeting lots of wonderful people who love the same stuff stuff as I do! And how wonderful is that! More people who like ephemera and papercrafts. Like Michelle, who Instagrams over here, and has a shop over here. She collects the most beautiful Dennison labels (very jeaulous!). I wish I could go ephemera hunting with her. But she lives all the way in Portland Oregon. Well, that would be a long bikeride to the US!
While we were both posting stuff on Instagram, she asked me for an ephemera swap. I thought, what? me? Are you sure? Wow! And then insecurity set in. Do I have enough ephemera? What will I send in an ephemera swap? Is my collection worthy? I decided to draw a swallow on a vintage envelope and collect some stuff in envelopes for Michelle. Her favourite colour is red, and I have tried to find some nice stuff for her from my collections. Lovely old envelopes and postcards. The blue envelope has the same street on it as where I used to live as an art student! How cool is that! I love those old postmarks and stamps on the postcards and envelopes.
Thank God she loved it all!

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