Friday, 16 May 2014

Inspiration: Babyshower decoration

My bestie was heavenly pregnant of her third child, so my other bestie friend and I decided that it would be great fun to organise a babyhower! I got a bit carried away with seeing all these beautiful decorations all over Pinterest and I infected my friend with enthusiasm for the idea. So we checked out busy schedules and planned a date. We spent a day shopping for stuff with no big idea in mind except that it would be a boy. And we splashed out! We got totally carried away. Bearing in mind that I would do the decorating part and she would do the baking/cooking part (she is like a fabulous cook, put her in just any kitchen and she will splash out something delicious from a stove). We did spent a bit to much money in the end on pressies (so many lovely babyclothes).
After visiting the first shop we went into, we decided on really corny blue and white, but because we found a lot of turquoise colours aswell, the combinations of the colours were bright and happy instead of dull and boring.
We found great pompoms for nearly nothing that would make a bold statement just hanging there, garlands, tablecloths, plastic tablewear, etc. We didn't spent a lot of money on expensive decoration but just bought a lot of cheaper stuff, since we wanted to a full table that was decorated to the max!. My friend made lots of nice food and canopes (she even made chocolate hearts and stuff!!!) (they were yummie). I tried to make a diapercake, that was harder then I thought it would be, but made two in the end. It looked like a "welcome to your big fat gypsy babyshower" diapercake but it fitted the whole decoration nicely. Before the babyshower we raided our besties house and sent her shopping for an hour or so while we quickly decorated everything. She was blindfolded while coming back (and being really anxious with what we had come up with) and surprised her when she saw all this! It was a great succes! Mummy to be got really spoiled with all the pressies and had to spent all afternoon just unpacking and eating scrumptious cakes and chocolates. And last week she gave birth to a lovely little healthy boy, ofcourse totally due to our babyshower.

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  1. Dat is nog eens blauw! Wat een mooie aankleding. Hopelijk hebben jullie een fijn feestje gehad samen.


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