Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Inspiration and Outgoing: Dennison labels

I have thing for vintage labels, and especially Dennison labels. These kind of labels don't exist anymore nowadays. It turned into a big company: Avery and Dennison. What makes these vintage ones really brilliant though, is that they are gummed labels. Nothing like a shiny sticker. It's paper, writing on them is so much easier. Although I think it is, because I never actually owned a Dennison label. I want too though. So I searched the world wide web. Found them in the US but shipping would cost me a fortune. So I decided I make my own Dennison labels. Well, at least I was trying to make my own. Turns out that stamp carving is not really my forte though, and since that night I realised why. I'm in need for reading glasses. And that really really made me feel really really old. And that's not a nice feeling, that's for sure. I felt like an old grey grandma in a rocking chair and knitting away with a little kitten on my lap and my glasses on the top of my nose. And all this because I tried to carve a Dennison label stamp.
I've put my stamp to good use, on an envelope and a little notebook for my friend. Alongside with my favourite new stamp, the one with the pointy hand.


  1. Wat een prachtige snail mail heb je er weer van gemaakt!!! Ik voel me de laatste tijd ook wel oud, vooral als ik 's avonds amper van de bank af kan komen.... en ik ben nog maar 33....

  2. Wat is het weer mooi geworden! Ik vind je stempel super en die vogelstempel geweldig!


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