Thursday, 13 February 2014

Inspiration: Project life

And suddenly there was Project Life. In short it's an easy way to sort your favourite photos in an album with pocket pages in which you slide your favourite photo or a Project Life card. You can make an album for every week of the year, or from your favourite holiday or whatever you want really. You can use all kinds of craft stuff to put inside the pocket pages as well, or cut your own paper, receipt or whatever.
Because the cards are standard size (big and small) you can do whatever you want with them, cut them, write on them or stick something to it. They have colourful prints, beautiful sayings or just a picture. I saw them at a craft fair last year and I was sold! Not because I'm into Project Life or something, I have my own journal, but because they can be used for mail and journalling! Perfect size and weight! And just because I love paper, I decided to treat myself to a Project Life Kit. So every 6 weeks I receive a pizza box full with paper goodies, embellishments, stamps, ink and what you not. I'm a happy person! This was my first kit. A pink and light turquoise theme. Washi tape, ink, embellishments, ribbon, paper, a selection of Project Life cards. Can't wait for the next one!

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