Saturday, 22 February 2014

Inspiration: Bookfair

Last week I've been to a bookfair with the kids. I wanted to go last year, but I was to busy or I forgot about it, I don't remember really. But since we were having a week off, me from work and the kids from school, we decided to make a trip to the bookfair.
And we had a good haul! It was a bit of a search through all the tables, since it was quite massive and full of books. Of course I wasn't looking for a new novel or something, I was looking for craftstuff!
I did find some books though, like this one for the amazing costs of  €1,50. A book about the life and work of Charles Dickens with tons of cool reprinted ephemara hidden away in it. I'm not really a fan of Charles Dickens to be honest, but the book is just full of old pictures I really like. I found another book about New York as well with again lovely vintage prints inside!
The kids were happy as well, they were having good finds as well, drawing books, reading books, Angry Birds books, a book about Anne Frank, etc. I think they spent way more than I did! (of my money ofcourse).
In the craft section, which was not as big as the book section ofcourse, I found some cool stuff. Really lovely tissuepaper for wrapping, washi tape, some stamps and a small stationary set which was quite sweet I thought. Lovely small envelopes with small writing paper and small stamps. I also found some more stuff which is not in the picture, like black writing paper, origami paper and some postcards.
And the thing I love most about these things, is hunting for good stuff! I'm a stationary hunter by heart.

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  1. Nice! Ja the hunting part is inderdaad the nicest. En dan thuis nog even lekker rustig bekijken wat je nou ook alweer allemaal gevonden had!


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