Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Inspiration: vintage matchbox labels

Just somewhere there was this man who collected matchbox labels. I think it was a man anyway. But somehow these albums full of them, I think maybe 2500 or so, ended up on internet and I loved them so much! All these vintage prints! There was no particular order in them, just randomly put into an album. Ranging from the sixties till the seventies I think. The time when smoking was still cool and lighters were to expensive. So everyone used matches.
I have these a while now, but didn't want to share them yet, I felt like they were my little treasure. And then I saw them on another blog, and I remembered them. And I spent a whole night in, just sorting out one album. That was a Zen thing to do. There was some order! Pictures of sixties fashion, birds, typo, famous people, etc. I love these!


  1. oh I really like women in swimming suits :)

  2. Wauw wat een mooie verzameling!

  3. Wauw, Heel erg leuke verzameling
    Dit kan later mss nog wat opbrengen.

  4. They are beautiful! I love them!


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