Monday, 17 February 2014

Outgoing: turquoise

In the Project Life kit was a lot of this light turquoise colour. This is such a beautiful colour! I wanted to make a mail for Christel in this theme. I just happened to have ink in this same colour!
With washi tape and Project Life cards I've made this small booklet with totally useless information about myself (like: I've never been to a pedicure).
I've included some paper hearts cut from a painting strip, made my own stationary, a mailtag, sticky notes and some small gifts. One is an egyptian scarab which I bought last summer at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. I was meaning to give it as a little present for the kids, but they were just so obnoxious that day, that I would be a silly mom to reward that behaviour. So I kept it for myself. And when I was looking trough my stuff I found it again. It had to go in this mail, the colour is just so matching. And it's for luck as well though.
I stamped away on the envelope with this cute snail stamp I received from Mimstasjes and my homemade Dennison label stamp (in blue this time) and wrapped everything in tissuepaper tied by a ribbon. It looked really nice though, I wanted to unwrap the whole thing myself. Hope Christel liked it!


  1. Wow, wat maak je toch elke keer weer een prachtige mail!

  2. Mooi hoor.. En die (nutteloze) weetjes maken een mail wel altijd net wat aparter.

  3. Wat is het weer prachtig! Maar nu ben ik heel benieuwd naar de rest van de weetjes ;-) Ik wil je graag de Liebster-award geven. Als je geïnteresseerd bent kun je hier meer lezen:
    Groeten, Carin.


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