Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Outgoing: #SecretPenpalScavengerHunt2014

I joined the secret penpal scavenger hunt hosted by Fab from wreckthisgirlsblog. Randomly I was matched to someone and the scavenging could begin! And today is reveal day! Finally I can show what I've sent.
You were to find/craft 5 items out of 10 possibilities and include a small present. I was matched to Fangni from cutekawaii96. There was little information to go by:  
“I am a high schooler in my last year before University who also studies music at a Conservatory and loves drawing and crafts. I am a huge fan of a K-pop group called Exo, I like languages (I can speak Spanish,Catalan,English,Chinese(and the Shanghainese)”
Oh, hmmm, well. That's a challenge! But after reading it over and over again, checking her blog and other accounts I sort of got an idea what to do and ended up with these wrapped parcels!

1. A letter writing kit
I've made stationary from music books since she studies music: envelopes, little bags and notecards. And I've made a stamp of some music notes which I glued onto an old stampholder. I stamped away on the little brown bag!

3. Something of fabric
I've made a pencilholder, since Fangni likes to draw I thought this would become handy some day!

3. A happy day kit
I googled what Kawaii actually means, since Fangni's blog is called cutekawaii96. "Kawaii is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture." I hope this tin sort of turned out like Kawaii. I've put some hearts inside, a lollipop, a bag of confetti and a bracelet with a little heart and a music note.

2. A mailart kit
I've stuffed a plastic bag full of mailart stuff to the max! Stickers, ribbon, tags, labels, postagestamps, doilies,  etc.

5. Something quirky
A fake moustache is kinda quirky! And quirky moustache tape.

6. A present
A Facebook like and dislike stamp.

7. A letter
I've made some stationary on which I wrote a letter and found a Manga postcard from the wereldmuseum we visited this summer where was an exhibition about Manga. I found out that Fangni loves drawing Manga style.

Fangni received her parcel and was really happy with it!!!! Yay! I'm so glad she liked it! Hopefully I will receive my secret parcel some time soon, can't wait!


  1. Wat ziet het er allemaal weer prachtig uit en zo thoughtfull!

  2. You've done a fantastic job that I kept finding myself wanting to rip everything open :P. How lucky is your partner? I loved everything so I'm sure she did too.

  3. Ik heb nog getwijfeld of ik er aan mee zou doen, maar durfde uiteindelijk toch niet... Je hebt er weer een leuk geheel van gemaakt, ben ook erg benieuwd naar wat jij gaat krijgen!

  4. I love your take on the whole project! It was very nice of you to actually learn about your partner's interests even if you weren't familiar with them! :) I'm sure she'll be very happy with her parcel.

    Thanks again for taking part! x

  5. Leuke en mooie dingen heb je verstuurd! Mag ik vragen hoe je die leuke pencilholder hebt gemaakt?

    1. Gewoon van stof en een beetje klooien met de naaimachine. Eigenlijk heel erg makkelijk!

    2. Ik kan zelf totaal niet met een naaimachine over weg. Misschien maar mijn beste vriendin lief aankijken.......


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