Saturday, 25 January 2014

Outgoing: Double Happiness

My little give away went to Carin from Moosetravelling! She had given me good feedback on my blog, which I found really helpfull. I sort of just started this blog without really thinking about it. There was no big plan or something, it just sort of developed. And then suddenly I wanted something different, but what exactly I didn't know yet. And I still don't know really. I've given myself a whole year to find out. I've sent the Chinese calender I promised I would give away. Although January is on its way now, it's still a funky calender! I enjoy looking at ours since it's on the wall right next to our fridge.

I thought I give this stamp carving another go to try to make Chinese stationary. On the chopsticks package was this sign I thought I could carve. I had no idea what it meant though. Via Instagram I found out it meant: "double happiness". Thank God for that! For all I knew it could have meant "made in China" or "Peking duck". Turns out I'm not really good at carving stamps.

Carin commented somewhere on my blog she likes matchboxes as much as I do! She has made matchboxes with little books inside them, really cool MIMB's (message in matchbox)! Go check it out! But I made a little people chinese mail matchbox for Carin.


  1. Amazing! I really want to try carving stamps,but I don't know where I can find all the tools,and that stamo looks awesome!. Did you know that the red bags/envelopes are 红包(hongbao) and are used to give money,usually in New Year or weddings,special occasions and it is red because red is thought to be a good luck colour in China? :)

    1. I didn't know that Fangni! Thanks for that information. I had these bags for years lying around in my drawer, just bought them once at a Chinese supermarket because they are so colourful!

    2. I guess they can be used in different ways! I buy lots of those whenever I am in China! I just love all the designs ^^(but I actually don´t use them for giving out money, I just like to keep them)

    3. If you ever visit China again, maybe you can get some for me Fangni? Pretty please? They are awesome! Love the colours!

  2. Als het goed is weet je ondertussen al dat je post letterlijk en figuurlijk goed is ontvangen! Dank voor het compliment over de MiMB*'s, leuk hoor. En ik vond je stempel juist heel cool en goed gelukt, jij bent echt te streng voor jezelf hoor ;-)


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