Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Outgoing: Mail to Zalifa, the Snailmail Collective

This mail went out to Zalifa. We were paired for the November Snailmail Collective. Sadly this brilliant initiative from "the nectarcollective" has ended. It was so amazing to meet amazing people from around the globe!
Well, Zalifa lives in Singapore and is quite a busybody. She is an accountant but loves to organise events, I suck at organising events, I really do, but Zalifa seems very good at it! Theme of that month was: what are you grateful for. So we emailed a bit about our lives and the theme, turned out we were both grateful for all the little things in life and that we would love to do more of what we love doing. She went backpacking in Japan, and I guess she still is at this moment. So I think it's safe to post what I have sent her.

This is what I've send. A notebook to use for lists,or as a traveljournal, for little notes or a diary. Some Wellness tea, stickers and pagemagnets in clock style, a magnet, a card with a tulip, travel label sticky notes, a vintage card from Paris and a letter in a handmade envelope.

The magnet had this really cool saying on it which summed up our emailing a bit! Maybe I've should have kept it for myself to remind me of this simple but yet brilliant quote.

I've made the envie from a page from an old book with my cool new stamps on it! I just love stamps, can't help myself.

I've wrapped everything in kraft paper. Unwrapping is just part of the fun! Well I think anyway. Hope Zalifa likes it all.

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