Thursday, 23 January 2014

Incoming: Feathers from Australia

Mail from Australia! It took a whole month to arrive, but when it did it was pure joy! A lovely handmade envelope (very nice) landed in my mailbox. Teneille contacted me since she was interested in becoming penpals. And wow! How she managed to find the time to write is so amazing since she just gave birth to her second child, is doing a graduate in botany, owns tree horses and has done a degree in animal science. Triple points for Teneille! I have a lot of neighbours who own horses, and they are always quite busy with them. I know I'm always busy with the kids, house, work, or something else, so if I had horses as well I would have no time at all! That's why we own two guinea pigs :-)
But what a lovely mail! A lovely postcard with air balloons which reminds me of our favourite holiday spot in Italy and le Petit Prince postage stamps stickers! I just love the feathers she has put inside! So lovely! Just to imagine on the other side of the world Teneille has collected these feathers on her parents farm, took them home, thought of me and decided to put them into an envelope which travelled half way around the world to my mailbox. And that's why sharing and connecting trough mail is so amazing!


  1. What a wonderful letter to find in the mailbox :D I've never seen so pretty feathers before! Now I would like to go feather hunting and see if I could find a nice frame to hang them on my wall!

  2. Ja wat een prachtige veertjes! En het idee van dat ze de hele wereld over hebben gereisd speciaal voor jou vind ik ook inderdaad zo leuk.

  3. Super leuke veren! Ook de kaart met de luchtballonnen is super leuk!

    Liefs Daphne


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