Monday, 6 January 2014

Inspiration: New year resolutions (and a small give away)

Happy new year to you all!!!!!!!
After a bit of a break from blogging I'm back to blog business! Blogging has giving me so much this past year, I've met some really great people through this! But it's also very time consuming. Time I rather use for making mail for instance.So I've decided, while I was on my little blog break, to make some resolutions for 2014.
  • First of all I would love to have a really cool blog design, but I know nothing (really nothing, it's all gobbledygook to me) about HTML codes, so this year I'm trying to have a go at this. 
  • I also want to take my blogging to the next level (if there is one), blogging 2.0. But I'm not even sure what I mean by that by the way. I'm thinking of doing some tutorials or give aways. But then again, I'm also not sure about that either. What I do know is, that I'm not going to write blogs about all the mail I'm receiving anymore. I will still be writing blogs about what I've sent, don't worry, but maybe do a once a week blog about incoming mail or something, it's just to time consuming otherwise.
  • I'm going back to do some journalling! I've just didn't manage to have time last year, and it actually really bothers me that I didn't! It's so balancing to do some journalling. It gives me grip on daily life while it passes so quickly. And also a place to use all this really cool ephemera I've collected these past months.
  • I want to learn calligraphy. Well, I want to try it at least. On Instagram I see these really cool calligraphers with beautiful handwritten letters. My handwriting is really bad, I'm always trying to write as fast as I think, and that makes my writing, well, sloppy. Sometimes I have a hard time trying to read what I've written myself.
  • I want to do more papercrafting! A lot more! Recycle and upcycle paper. Sometimes I just get tons of ideas from packaging and stuff!
  • I going to finish my studio! We are getting there, finally! 2014 will be the year where I will be crafting in my studio instead of trying to find a bit of space in our computer room. 
  • I really do want to write more long letters. That is the core of snailmail, and I feel that I have been getting away from that a bit. I love being really crafty, that's just what I love doing, but sometimes I just didn't put enough effort into a letter. So I'm going to turn this around this year, or at least, I'm going to try.
A lot of resolutions I guess, but then again, I have a whole year to try. 

I've managed to send off some new years mail to some special people, with little sparklers inside the envelope. To Marieke I've send a Chinese themed mail with this really cool Chinese calender.

I've got one for myself aswell! Actually, my boyfriend got them from his job where they order a lot of chinese. I think it's such a funky calender! And the good news is, I've got one left! So if you are interested, leave a nice comment and maybe I will be sending it to you.
Also, if you can give me a bit of feedback on my blog, please leave a comment!


  1. Happy New Year and good luck with your plans :)

  2. Heel veel plezier en succes met je voornemens! Een aantal goede voornemens heb ik met je gemeen, waaronder journaling, papercrafting en leren kaligraferen. Bij Pipoos heb ik voor nog geen €5 drie verschillende maten kaligrafeerstiften gekocht. Ze hebben daar zo ie zo erg leuke spullen :) De lay-out die je je blog nu hebt gegeven, is een stukj rustiger dan je vorige!

    1. Mijn voornemen is om de achtergrond van mijn blog toch wit te laten maar met een mooi plaatje bovenop. Maar daarvoor moet ik toch eerst eens wat HTML leren.

    2. Succes daarmee! Voor mij is het allemaal onbegrijpelijk! Groetjes, Tessa van You have mail from me

  3. Ha ik ben vast te laat voor de kalender (zoals je merkt doe ik weer een inhaalslagje ;-)) maar wilde nog even zeggen dat ik hoop dat je naast alle veranderingen ook vooral veel hetzelfde laat, ik vind jouw blog heerlijk! Je foto's zijn mooi, je omschrijvingen leuk. De nieuwe achtergrond vind ik ook mooi.
    Succes met je plannen!

    1. De kitschy chinese kalender is er nog! Bij deze is hij dus voor jou!


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