Sunday, 19 January 2014

Inspiration: While the kids are away, the parents are out to play (part 2)

Next day without the kids we went out to Amsterdam. It was freezing cold! So after we got out of the metro, the first thing we did was pay a visit to the Hermitage.

The Hermitage is an annex from the famous Hermitage museum in St Petersburg. I found it a bit disappointing though. But inside there was no freezing cold wind and we did spend more time at the museum shop as in the museum itself. Everything was really expensive. But I found a postcard book full of birds for a good price. And I wished I bought more of them now.

After our hands were feeling warm again we ventured out to find a shop called de Vlieger. It's a paper shop and full of beautiful paper! I found a really beautiful pack of Japanese table mats. Such beautiful prints and perfect for a bit of paper crafting. I bought some other stuff and nice washi tape. The angels and Mexican game are from another shop by the way (Kitsch Kitchen). 

At Sissy-boy Homeland I found these lovely cards from designer Jurianne Matter. These are small notecards with pop up trees, I wanted them for ages but found them a bit expensive, but they were on sale now! And only two packs left (with 10 in each pack). So I bought both of them of course, but I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I would probably not ever use them, they are just so pretty! I can make my own Jurianne Matter forest now!

And having a bit of a glow around me from all the beautiful paper I found already, we ended up in a typical Amsterdam bar to have a sandwich with a typical Dutch kroket and mustard. And not soon after we settled, a family walked in. A family with kids. And we were secretly having fun listening to the parents negotiating with the kids about their order after one of the kids got in a bit of a tantrum, so we just smiled with that smile only parents know how to. And ordered another cappuccino. We wandered out again into the cold and stumbled upon a store called Kitsch Kitchen. I love the colourful stuff they have! Found some funky plastic bowls that would be great for all my washing tape!

After a whole day of strutting about our capital city in the cold freezing wind we called it a day. Our hands were sore from all the bags we were carying. So we treated ourselves to a lovely meal and secretly enjoyed our time without kids but also secretly missed them. 


  1. Oooh, nog een dag samen weg! Wat een heerlijkheid! En wat een lieve man die al die winkeltjes met jou afgaat ;-)

  2. Zo te zien moet ik tijdens mijn volgende bezoekje aan Amsterdam ook even langs bij Kitsch Kitchen en de Vlieger!


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