Friday, 24 January 2014

Incoming: Mail from Marieke

I received this colourful envelope from Marieke and it was just stuffed with presents. Some were for me, and some were for one of our lovely guinea pigs who celebrated it's third birthday. Marieke is the former owner of our lovely cuddly animals, who stayed permanently with us after we looked after them while she was on holiday.

And here's the lucky recipient! She even got her own birthday card! Although she doesn't look very happy at her new nail clippers Marieke sent. But then again, she is a bit ill at the moment, the poor thing. These nailclippers will come in handy with their ever growing nails though!

But also some stuff for me. A Superman magnet! Well, I'm a superman magnet myself (ahum), no not really. But Marieke and I share a love for Superman! And a card which says "why women are always right". Well, that's stating the obvious!

A really cute stamp of a castle.

A wooden heart (love!) and a reflector heart.

And a belated vintage Christmas card with some small cards.

And last but not least glitter gel pens! These are always the gel pens that the kids get, but these are mine! And a thank you card from Marieke, to thank for the mail I've sent her. But now I thank her for this mail!

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  1. Nice! Bij het lezen van de eerste regels hoopte ik al dat er een cavia in beeld zou komen ;-), wat een dotje.


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